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Misty Slopes


As you walk through these beautiful mountains that can be sun-drenched with myriad colors or rain-glistened and bathing in blue, you will discover the most amazing experiences you cannot find anywhere else.



Nature Photographer


We seek out organizations and venues that are locally influenced and offer immersive experiences of Blue Ridge Mountain culture and habitats. We try to share as many free offerings as possible on this web resource so these experiences are accessible to all.



Discover Yourself


With Mountain Treasures

Experience live mountain music and interpretive cultural history at the Blue Ridge Music Center

Learn, listen and dance to local music at the Floyd Country Store and Handmade Music School
Attend music jams and camps at the Swannanoa Gathering

Learn crafts while living in the mountains at the 
Penland School of Craft
View an historic homestead and live performances along the Blue Ridge Parkway at Mabry Mill
Create & cherish life-long memories on these recommended Blue Ridge Trails



Discover the Treasures of the Blue Ridge Mountains